Commercial Cleaning Services

A clean environment portrays a professional image. Having a clean and hygienic environment can help the company protect and enhance its professional image. It also contributes to staffs’ enjoyment and efficiency. We cover many sectors including education, transport, industrial cleaning, retail, sports & leisure, general office, commercial window cleaning, block management and communal areas, etc.

KN Delicate Cleaners is an experienced and professional commercial cleaning services provider in Cape Town. However large or small your business, we know just how important a clean and tidy working environment is to the happiness and productivity of staff.

  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Nightclubs and bars
  • Music halls and theatres
  • Transport
  • Shopping centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Cinemas
  • Gyms
  • Studios
  • Health centres and many more

Office & Premises Cleaning Services

Whether you run a small company or a global corporation, having a clean and hygienic office space is an essential aspect of running a successful business, of any size. A welcoming and sanitised working environment boosts morale, productivity and helps to ensure the health and wellbeing of your employees. 


Professional office cleaning can be a disruptive process, unless you hire the right team. That’s where KN Delicate Cleaners comes in. As well as maintaining an exceptional standard of hygiene and cleanliness, our team have a keen eye for detail that will boost the aesthetic appeal of your office space. Our daily contract office cleaners have access to the latest technology/equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products, enabling us to provide an efficient service of the highest standard.

Retail Cleaning Services

Including heavy duty shop carpets, marble and tile floors. Our professional teams are well equipped to clean indoor retail floor surfaces. These range from hard wearing carpets in shops and retail stores, non-slip hard flooring, floor surfaces in supermarkets and classic marble and terrazo tile floors in shopping centres, airport lounges, railway ticket offices, exhibition and conference centres, to reception areas and food halls.

Our retail cleaning services Include public areas cleaning, public conveniences and washroom facilities, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, large floor areas, concourse surfaces and ventilation cleans.We understand the pressures of the retail marketplace and always aim to deliver cost savings on your cleaning contracts, whilst maintaining the high standards your customers expect.

Health and safety regulations make it essential that all carpets, flooring and floor surfaces in shops, supermarkets and shopping centres are kept clean and tidy in order to avoid accidents or accidental injury. Our investment in the latest cleaning equipment ensures we can clean every floor.

Healthcare Cleaning Services

We understand the importance of providing a safe and reliable service to our healthcare clients and we offer a range of specialist healthcare cleaning services. Health and safety is incredibly important in medical facilities such as hospitals and GP practices; stopping the spread of infection and bacteria is absolutely essential.


Working to the highest possible health and safety standards and our experienced cleaners have developed a comprehensive approach to infection control, keeping all areas not just tidy but hygienically clean through our specialist healthcare floor treatments. All our staff comply with rules set by hospitals around cleaning very high risk, high-risk, significant risk and low risk areas.


We work with each individual trust to identify all risk categories, including surgical theatres, endoscopy, toilets and bathrooms, general wards, public thoroughfares, day activity areas and rehabilitation areas.

Events, leisure & entertainment cleaning services

The challenges faced when cleaning a major venue are never the same. They are all individual; they all operate and behave differently depending on the local environment. However, we believe that the foundation of cleaning any area is the same.

KN Delicate Cleaners can provide the staff you need for pre-event and/or post-event clean-ups for a wide variety of unique and unconventional venues. Whether large or small – our team does it all! If you are looking for a professional Cape Town based cleaning company to clean before, during or after your special event, please call us on 0810590466 or email us at for a free quotation.

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